The /k/ Sound.

The /k/ sound is a consonant sound that is spelled with a ‘c,’ ‘k,’ ‘cc,’ ‘ck,’ and very rarely, ‘ch.’

I teach this to my first graders pretty early on in our school year. Now let’s analyze the /k/ sound outside of my classroom and in my personal life. It might be fairly easy to look at 2018 so far and say it’s been…well, rather /k/rappy.

But I wouldn’t say it’s all been crappy. Okay, laying it out, I caught a flu bug, fell down a staircase, and now have some kind of new cold that feels like strep throat. These physical challenges have threatened my training for the half marathon I’m running at the end of April, has messed up my work schedule, and even gotten in the way of starting rehearsals for a new theatre project for me. They’ve been annoying, and frustrating, and I’ve certainly spent a lot of nights so far this year think about how “crappy” 2018 has been.

However. Per my last post, I have an innate, almost obnoxiously unavoidable positive attitude, and I tend to find the good despite the bad. So, allow me to focus on the GOOD /k/ sounds so far this year.

Collagen Peptides

I had brunch a couple weeks ago with fellow blogger and all-around delightful and perfect angel person, Gurl Jonez. And guys…she was GLOWING. I found out she had discovered Collagen Peptides and was putting them in her coffee each morning. So, on her recommendation, I followed suit and ordered Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides.

I’ve been adding two scoops to my morning coffee for a couple weeks now, and let me just say: YASSS. My skin is currently glowing, and also clearing up! My nails appear to be growing and healthier than usual in the winter. And my skin feels soft and smooth. You could say it’s the placebo effect, but regardless, I’m super into this supplement, and totally recommend!!

Keto Diet

I’ve been trying out the Keto Diet for about two and a half weeks, and so far, I’m really enjoying it! For research, I picked up Leanne Vogel’s book:

I love her “real talk” attitude, because it is really scary to think of food in terms of “high fat.” Yeah, it’s awesome eating bacon and eggs for breakfast every day, and I remarked last week that “sour cream is my favorite food,” but it’s still scary and feels very counterintuitive to everything I thought I knew about dieting and weight loss. Her book has really helped me make sense of how your body works in ketosis, and though I haven’t dropped the 20 pounds everyone says you lose on Keto yet, I have noticed an overall feeling of clarity, like a cloud lifted from my mind. I am not hungry in between meals and feel zero cravings. My skin is clearer, either due to the new diet or the collagen, I’m not sure. But, overall, I’m feeling good and excited to continue trying this out! The recipes in this book are also really delicious.

A warning though: the “Keto flu” is real and completely sucks. I thought my head was going to split open one morning. Also, MEAL PREP and PLAN. You go through WAY more meat and veggies than I normally buy in a week’s worth of groceries, and my fridge emptied out rather quickly. Unless you enjoy going to the grocery 3 times a week, follow a Keto shopping plan!!

Not all is crappy. Not all is lost. Training has actually been going really well! My back gets sore, and I still have nights on the heating pad. Yoga feels amazing, and strength training my abs has really improved my running form so that my back isn’t hurting while running. So far, I’m technically a week off from my plan because of the accident, but I’m not worried at all. I’m feeling strong and very capable. Between running and singing, I definitely feel like I have things going on outside of the stress of my job, and it has given me a much more upbeat outlook at life. This was my goal for this year, and so, despite my crappiness, I feel successful.

Not a runner? I am currently in an ad for a run! Better keep at that training!


I have discussed with a friend multiple times how obnoxious the need for immediate results is. Most people, self-included, want to see some kind of progress right away when they set goals. Often, when that progress is not immediately evident, frustration takes over, and we throw in the towel on the goals, casting them into a pile labeled “impossible.”

It makes a lot of sense. Immediacy is pretty easy to come by. I have lamented many times socially that I hate when a random question is asked or piece of trivia challenged and rather than talk about it until the answer is realized or remembered, everyone just whips out their phones and Googles it. Pre-smart phone, my father and I once spent a nine hour road trip to Canada trying to come up with the name of the fortune telling machine in the movie “Big.”

(It was Zoltar. We remembered around Windsor.)Anyway, with smartphones putting the World Wide Web at our fingertips and the success of many businesses being based around their quickness (to deliver, to perform, to respond, to fix, to serve, to do ANYTHING as long as its fast), I suppose I can be understanding of the current mental need for immediate results.

But we can’t forget that any goal you set should be difficult, for, in my opinion, you should work for it. I like to earn my successes.

That being said, stepping on a scale two weeks after starting to change my eating habits and not seeing the number budge at all doesn’t feel great. Had I wanted the number to move down, a pound, two pounds (okay – 5-10)? Yeah. But should that have happened? Honestly, no.

I ate like a champ last week: clean eating, I had prepped breakfast and lunch every day, dinners were smart choices, and I tracked my calories on my Fitbit diligently. Then the weekend hit, and I went to Disney World. I didn’t go overboard I’d say: my breakfast the first morning was pretty much the same as it had been all week, but my lunches and dinners were larger and semi-shittier (Caprese panini and salad for lunch Day 1, and a Chicken Parmesan sandwich and fries for dinner. No snacking in between). We also walked 33,000+ steps that day, so I figured it would even out. Day 2 didn’t go quite as well (breakfast calzone, beef pasties and salad for lunch, and chicken Mac n cheese for dinner). By day 3, I pretty much sucked: soft pretzel and cheese for “breakfast,” chicken tenders and fries for lunch, beer and wine for dinner. Ummm. Not good.

While we were active all weekend and I was drinking mostly water, I did something I haven’t done in months: guzzled a few Diet Cokes. And my nightcaps of 2-3 glasses of wine weren’t great. So it, overall, wasn’t that healthy of a weekend.

Additionally, I didn’t go to the gym except for one day last week. I got in some cycling workouts on my bike at home, but I wasn’t lifting and overall, was not pushing my body.

And so, no weight dropped. I am back in town, and therefore back in control, though. I hit the ground running this week with clean eating and tracking calories. I am snacking a bit more between meals than I was last week, but really trying to keep it healthy and low-cal. I’ll check back in next week, and hopefully there’ll be some form of an update!