Well, I’m now a few weeks into my commitment to be healthier. I was not feeling great last weekend, when, at my routine annual, I had somehow gained two pounds.

I was also on my period. I’m thinking bloating is real and not all in my head, but am welcoming any concrete evidence anyone has on the matter.

As I have stated, I am by no means fat. The only time I could possibly be described as “chunky” was when I was a baby.

However, at my doctor’s office, they did give me my BMI, which was a true wake up call. I am only one number away from being medically classified as “overweight.” This leads me back to my health initiative.

This journey is not about me being stick-thin, but about me setting myself up for a healthy lifestyle as I age. I am an active, healthy 31-year-old woman. I refuse to fall under a category of medically overweight.

This week was wrought with some kind of flu or virus, and so I was highly inactive. The gym was swapped for long periods in bed and on the couch. I still attempted to eat, but take-out replaced home-cooking once or twice. I did my best, and continued to track my water and calorie intake.

Thursday morning, I weighed in and discovered I’ve lost four pounds. I don’t know if I should attribute this to illness, lack of alcohol consumption, loss of muscle, or my period ending, but it happened. And it was inspirational AF.

Per my last post, frustration comes from lack of seeing quick results. I am actively training my brain to understand that weight loss will not happen overnight. And it hasn’t. I’m on week 3 of really committing myself to change.

That four pounds made me feel incredible, and inspired me to keep working at this.

My Friday night was spent chugging water on my couch instead of beer at the brewery, and that was needed and felt completely okay. And tomorrow, my training schedule for my first half marathon this year begins. I am hoping to take all these positive changes, as well as the changes that occur when training, and keep that four pounds going.

I’d love to hear some comments from anyone who understands weight loss and can speak to the highs and lows of commitments such as mine.

Also, any runners out there – talk to me about your cross-training! I want to make sure I am really utilizing my two days of cross each week!

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